Saturday, October 13, 2012


Kendall's team played the best they ever had today. As coaches, we watched for the most part, with very few "coaching" moves for us. Mostly we had a few players move around the court for serves, but otherwise we left them alone.

We faced a decent team, but our girls were amazing. They were serving well, and from the beginning they were playing volleyball. Two and three hits when the ball came to us, and we won most of the points. The first two games were blowouts for us. The third was close, but only as everyone tried overhand serves and we missed quite a few. We still won, but it was close.

Kendall was amazing. All her underhand serves were devastating in the first two games, and in the third she knocked over 5 overhand serves. She had some good bumps to save balls and some amazing sets. There was one point she was proud of where her team bumped it and she back set it over the net. Then she returned two more hits back with sets, including the last one deep into their side, behind the players. She won the point herself.

It's great to see the girls improving so much and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do in the tournament next week.

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