Sunday, October 21, 2012

Second Place

Kendall's volleyball team had their tournament yesterday, finishing off their season for the fall. It was a single elimination style, 8 team tournament, with random seeding. The randomness worked out well for us as the other really good team was set on the other bracket and Kendall's team cruised through their first two matches, winning 4 in a row to advance. The girls were excited, but also nervous.

In the final match, they just couldn't put together runs, and they weren't ready for some nice returns by the other team. I think our team is too used to returning the ball and scoring, rather than having a team press them with good hits back. We fell apart, 25-12 or so in the first game, and 25-19 in the second. Lots of emotion, and some girls crying, though Kendall did well, including a nice spike to score.

Afterwards we had a fun pizza party, and everyone seemed to forget the loss, which was good to see. Another season of coaching done for me, at least I think. Kendall starts another league on Nov 1 and we'll see what happens there.

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