Friday, October 19, 2012

A Win

We won two of the three games at volleyball last night, somewhat surprising. In 6 or 7 matches, we’ve won just two games, usually losing 3-0 each night, sometimes badly.

Last night was the second time we’ve had just 6 people when I’ve played. Tia wasn’t feeling well, so there were two other couples, me, and another lady. We didn’t do a lot of strategizing before, but did talk about trying to set each other. We ended up with some good back and forth with the other team, though we had 5 or 6 balls fall between people with no one moving. We lost a close one, 21-18 or so, but it was a good game.

I’m not sure if I started calling balls, or someone else, but in the second game we did a better job of talking to each other, calling balls, and ended up playing from slightly behind to go on and win. We had some good put backs, good volleys, and a touch more energy, with some high 5s between points.

It helped the other team had a couple good players, a bunch of marginal ones, and two poor players. Plus with 8 or 9, lots of rotations in and out. I was careful not to serve to the good players, and even had a few good spikes, though they were more like “pushes down” for points.

We played well and won the third game as well, also close. I did have a nice save, running to the side wall and getting the ball back in for a point.

A fun game, and I was surprised when it ended. I hadn’t been watching the score, just enjoying playing. I wouldn’t have cared if we lost since we had some good volleys and plays. Hopefully we can do it again next week.

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