Monday, October 15, 2012

Prius Repair

I took the Prius down to get the oil changed/tires rotated this morning and thanks to Tires Plus for fitting me in and getting it done quick this am. My plan was to swing by the Toyota dealership afterwards for a few things.

My height adjustment sensor arm had broken and it seemed like this should be a cheap and easy part. It’s a rubber arm, about 3-4” long that bolts to the sensor and the axle. The dealer doesn’t sell that part. They want $400 for the entire thing.


I next asked about the mirror cover for the one that doesn’t work. I paid $40 for an aftermarket mirror and was thinking I’d be able to get a new cover for about that. It’s just a plastic piece. The dealer wants $70 for a new one.


Two for two failures, so I didn’t bother to ask about the underbody cover panels.

It’s crazy that the dealer wants so much for parts, especially parts that are available elsewhere. Crazy.

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