Monday, October 29, 2012

Crowd Dodging

We were running through crowds around the Bellagio last night. That wasn't the plan. Delaney and I checked in, and relaxed a bit before changing for a short run. My plan was to loop the block, but it as we headed up Flamingo, we realized that it didn't let us down to the service road behind the Bellagio. I noticed a side road next to the hotel, so we went back, cut across some grass and ran down.

6 minutes in, we hit the loading gate, locked, of course. We headed back, our third trip by the ginkgo trees, which smelled, in Delaney's words "sh*t". We decided to not experiment, and ran back around the front, past the fountains, and up the entrance driveway, stopping near the top to watch the show.

A crazy route, but a nice early evening run with my boy.

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