Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sleeping in my own bed, priceless

I’m done traveling for three weeks. I got home last night from Boston, at 1am after flying there Sunday morning, running at night, working all day, and then flying home after the event.

It was nice to get home, lay next to my wife in a comfortable and familiar place. It didn’t last that long as I was up at 7 to get kids to school. Back to the routine, at least for the next three weeks.

Yesterday was somewhat quiet, being a holiday, I think our attendance for down for the event. However it was still a thrill to be at Harvard Medical School.

Photo Oct 08, 6 39 45 AM

Here was the door, and then the schedule for my talks

Photo Oct 08, 6 17 33 AM

It was just an amazing place to be. A nice new building

Photo Oct 08, 6 38 58 AM

across from an old one in Boston.

Photo Oct 08, 6 39 14 AM

I had a great run there. Not along the Charles since that wasn’t close and time was short, but I did shoot by Fenway Park. I went there about 4 years ago, and it was neat to go back. Glad the Red Sox aren’t playing, but still a thrill for a baseball guy.

Photo Oct 07, 5 39 57 PM

Photo Oct 07, 5 39 01 PM

The event went well, I caught up with a few friends, and then came home. It was a neat place to speak, and even though my company rented the venue, it still felt a little special to me. The view just before I stated my first talk.

Photo Oct 08, 7 13 56 AM

Quite an experience, but glad to be home.

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