Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Welcome Home

So I had an uneventful flight, fairly routine, a nice stretch with an exit row and no one in the middle seat. I arrive, called my wife and got her voice mail. I grabbed my bag, packed up, and headed home. I ended up rolling down E-470, and got off at Smokey Hill Road when my cell phone rang. It was Tia and I got this:

"Hi honey, welcome home, I broke my arm."

Fortunately I'm laid back, and I didn't panic. From her tone I knew it wasn't horrible, but found out she was down at the Parker hospital with my sister-in-law. My brother-in-law-to-be was at our house with the kids, so they were covered. So I took my first right and headed down to the hospital. I arrived to fine my wife laying in bed, her arm cradled on a pillow and slightly drugged up.

She was in good spirits, relatively, and doing OK. Apparently it was a spiral fracture, simple (no broken skin), and while it's not good, it didn't need an operation. Or it doesn't now. If my wife can take care of it, she will be fine. If not, she could turn it into an operable item.

After a long wait, we got it wrapped up with a fiberglass U-brace that keeps it stable. They didn't cast it because they want to be sure it won't swell up. So she has an ortho appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday to get it casted. In the meantime, she got home, she's in pain, but manageable. After falling asleep, she got up this morning and we managed to get her showered.

So we'll see what happens this week, but for now I've canceled my trip to Las Vegas and SQL Connections. Watching Tia get things done, or try, I realized that I can't leave her here. Between horses, Kahli, and kids, I'm not sure she's ready. Especially without a cast on her arm.

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