Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Another Thanksgiving spent in the Colorado mountains for us. This our third year of skipping the traditional football/turkey day and instead heading up to ski. It’s also the second year Tia couldn’t ski because she got hurt.

I had hoped to get up early and get Kendall in lessons, but we didn’t get packed, and after karate on Wed night, I decided not to worry. It would have been a stretch to get up here anyway by 8:30, so I decided not to worry, and got to sleep in a little. We packed, we helped feed horses, and left just before 10. We got to Keystone just about 12, and the boys headed up to snowboard. Kendall didn’t want to ski, so we left her with Tia to hang out and we headed up.

We had some good runs, going up and down on blues and greens until about 4:00. The boys move at about the same speed and we did well. I would let them get ahead and then race down near them, sometimes getting a little ahead. I sprayed Delaney with snow a couple times, and so then I’d stop down below and let him come down and try to spray me. He had a good time with that until 3:30, when the sun was setting past the mountain.

At that point it was getting darker and hard to see in the shadows, so Delaney and I hung out and waited for Kyle to take one last run. Kyle got down and then Tia and Kendall came down as well. We headed away from the mountain and looked for food. Not much was available, and while I wanted to run, I knew things would be closing soon. We couldn’t decide and finally hit Wendy’s for some takeout before checking into our hotel in Dillon. It was cold, and kids wanted to see a movie, so I decided to try a jog, on a full stomach.

It was cold, it was late, and I moved slow. But I got it done, came back, showered, and since no one was moving, I lay down with Tia while Kendall watched TV. The boys were in their own room and I ended up falling alseep early. I had taken Benedryl before we skied and I think I fell asleep on a couple of the gondola rides a few times.

It was a good day. Not perfect, not a great family day throughout the day, but a good time away from life in the mountain.

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