Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Quiet Day

I had thought about going skiing, or taking Delaney to the karate run today, but with a winter storm in the works yesterday, and a tired, sore body, I decided it would be better to sleep in. I woke up with Tia once around 7:30 or so, but then drifted back to sleep, getting up around 9. After making coffee, I headed out to the barn to help with horses. I've still been worried that Tia is doing too much, so I didn't want her straining.

It wasn't too cold, or too snowy, but it was lightly flurrying and with enough wind to have it coming down sideways, we had all horses still locked up. So I helped feed and then ran the tractor up the driveway once to clear things a little. It wasn't much snow, 3-4", but it had drifted in a few places, so I made it easier to get out.

We cooked with the kids and had a nice quiet morning, relaxing and putting up some curtains on the back door. A little football and then a trip to the store for invitations for Delaney's birthday, and then enchiladas for dinner. Tia wanted to make them and I helped out since she can't really wrap them up herself.

Now a little work before the end of our weekend.

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