Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Charge

I had to run our weekly conference call this week. My boss is out of the office, but he’s been trying to get everyone to participate by having different people run meetings on different weeks. I’m not the best employee in this sense, and not always prepared, so I’ve tried to avoid running one over the last few months.

That stopped today, or yesterday, as I got an email from him saying he was gone and I needed to run the meeting. So I was on the hook as I grabbed my laptop and headed down (literally) to the basement today.

I ended up doing an OK job, despite not having an agenda ready. Usually someone prepares one based on feedback, but I didn’t do that, and had even deleted the old email from my boss where I had 2 or 3 things he wanted me to cover. I covered the two main items we’d emailed about, but kept thinking I was forgetting something.

Fortunately just before I asked for Any Other Business and closed the meeting I remembered the holiday schedule was on the list and covered that.

Now we’ll see how long I can avoid being in charge of another one.

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