Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hay Delivery

Tia was on the phone when the hay guy arrived today. So I went out to manage the delivery after getting instructions from Tia on where she wanted it. She switched to big bales this year for some hay, and these bales are about 3ft x 3 ft square by about 6 or 7 ft long. The guy drove up with a dump flatbed truck, 6 bales on it, and drove around to the far side of the barn.

I got him lined up in the back doors and he started to tilt the bed. The plan was for them to slide into the barn. I asked him if they were off could we move them. He said, "you and me?"

I said yes and he laughed.

I tried to move one with no luck. They're almost 1,000lbs apiece and while they will slide on the concrete, they don't slide great.

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