Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Not the city, but rather our new kitten. This was the one I rescued from the tree a couple days ago, and to keep her safe, we put her in the tack room. Water, food, litter box, we left her in there to get acclimated a little to the barn, and partially because we weren't sure what else to do.

Kendall was thrilled to have her, and has been going out there before and after school. She'll go to bed early, and gets herself up and dressed so she can visit the car before school. It's kind of amazing. She's excited, and she'd really grown up a bit with the kitten around. She will run out to the barn alone, open and close the big doors, and then the tack room door.

The first day we went out there the kitten wouldn't come out. We put out food and water, and even took some string to try and get her to play, but Chicago wouldn't come out. Apparently last night my Kris got her out, so this morning Kendall was extra excited to go out there after I came back from dropping off Delaney.

We went out, and while I threw hay, Kendall was inside. When I got in the tack room, Chicago was next to Kendall, brushing her whiskers on Kendall's hand. She backed under the saddle holder when I came in, but then came back out in a minute and let Kendall pet her. She's definitely nervous, but she came to see me after a few minutes.

That's pretty cool, and she's adjusting well. Not sure how to get her to live in the barn and not leave, but we'll figure something out. She's also athletic. Kendall said she was up on the shelf when she came in, which is about 6-7 ft off the floor. Definitely the stalls won't hold her in.

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