Friday, November 20, 2009

Clutch Woes

We were leaving karate last night when Delaney said I had a text message on my phone. He said it was something about Kyle's clutch. I checked it, and sure enough, clutch was not working. He said it went out on the way home.

So I asked where he was. He said "home, where else?" So followed up asking where the car was and apparently it was in our driveway. The clutch had issues as he came down our road, and he basically coasted into the driveway. It was partly in the driveway, but we managed to drive around it.

So today he borrowed the Prius to get to school and I towed his car up to the house when I got back from taking Kendall and called AAA to get it towed. I did look under the hood, though I suspect a broken cable or spring in the clutch assembly. It feels like I should dig into it, but with Delaney's party tomorrow, and not really having a good space to work, I think it's best if I just get a pro to look at it. I could easily get started tonight and get nothing done by Monday whereas the shop would likely have it fixed by then, or maybe even today.

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