Monday, November 30, 2009


After a fairly easy run, I had a great workout at karate. Lots of boxing drills and I was dripping sweat. Everything felt great until after class. Then I tweaked the right knee.

There’s a little girl, about 7, who’s the brother of our first black belt. Kendall always plays with her, but after class I’ve been trying to help her learn a good cartwheel. Not sure how it started, but she always wants to show me how she’s doing. So I watched, and then she said she’d been working on handstands. I demonstrated a couple, but I twisted myself a little and would fall to the right side. I’d pull my legs down and land on the right one. Not slamming, but hard enough that my knee felt tweaked.

I did it 3 or 4 times, kind of stupid and after walking around the grocery store it was sore. I’m back home, ice on the knee, trying to let it heal. I’m sure it will be OK tomorrow, but I’ll skip karate, have a light run, and try to get it better.

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