Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three More Electives

We had Boy Scouts tonight, the last meeting before the Court of Honor in December and the chance to sign off merit badge requirements. Delaney had 3 that were essentially done, and so we went tonight so that he could get those done. His metalworking just needed the Scoutmaster signature, which he got right away.

Then we were a little confused. He hadn’t gotten his blue cards for aviation, and needed a replacement for Space Exploration. The lady that is in charge of cards wasn’t there, but fortunately another leader had some and gave Delaney two new ones. He had everything done for Space Exploration, and went to meet with a counselor and go that one signed off.

Then it was aviation. He’d forgotten to do one requirement: the career research. Luckily we had the iPhone and looked up some things on the web, getting the education and training needed for a pilot. Then it was time for review, and so Delaney went to meet with the aviation counselor and got that one signed off. So he’s got three more badges coming. In two weeks he’ll then have 6 merit badges.

There’s another Court of Honor in March, which will be Delaney’s one year anniversary of being a Boy Scout. By then he should have his second class rank as well and I’m hoping to get him motivated enough to get another merit badge as well.

Not bad for a year of scouts.

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