Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Running Around

I missed karate last night since I wasn't sure if Kyle was going to be able to pick up Kendall. He's without a phone right now, so I couldn't check. My plan was then to go this morning, so after dropping off kids, dropping hay, and working a bit, I headed down to town.

Trying to get back in the routine, I did my 1.3 mi run first, and then went into class with the ladies. A small class, 6 of us, and surprisingly, I was winded. I tried not to push too hard on the run, but either I've lost something in 2 weeks, or I did because I was winded during the warm up.

By the end I felt pretty good, and then worked on a few forms alone since I have a test tomorrow night for my brown belt. Hopefully I'll do a better job for that one.

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