Monday, November 23, 2009

The Kid Vet

I feel like she’s a kid, at least with the way she’s acting. I went by to get a refill for Kahli’s medicine. She’s really struggled the last few days, barely able to walk, much less stand up. We’ve had to help her up, and with vacation coming, we needed to get her set. So I go in and they won’t refill it because the new vet says that they want to monitor Kahli’s kidneys and she mentioned this before, so I have to bring Kahli in for blood work.

We live 20 miles away, so this isn’t a slight issue, and we’re going on vacation. No sympathy, and she says she won’t do it. The other vet we’ve used for years just used to give us the prescription to help Kahli deal with her knee pain. Unfortunately she’s not there on Mondays so I was stuck.

I’m sure that this young girl is trying to make sure that Kahli is safe, but given our history there, I’m a little shocked that I couldn’t even get a weeks worth of pills. I somewhat suspect she’s a corporate girl, trying to adhere to all regulations and maybe even running up the charges and work. That’s a little conspiracy-ish, but I wouldn’t be surprised by it.

In any case, I need to run Kahli up there tomorrow, which is very, very annoying. It makes me want to switch vets just for that reason.

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