Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Learning Guitar

I’m a hack on the guitar, meaning that I play rarely and for fun, just goofing around. I’m probably a lower intermediate player, understanding a lot about music and how to play, read music, tabs, etc., but not with a lot of talent. However I enjoy messing around at times.

I’ve wanted to get better, especially after I didn’t have a bunch of songs to play when we went camping. I had hoped to get 4-5 songs done and have people sing along, but got busy in the spring/summer and didn’t learn them. I have a couple I can play, but often it’s just riffs and pieces of songs.

Today I was looking for a song on YouTube for a link to share with someone. It was actually Bad Company’s Shooting Star. While I searched on YouTube, one of the related links was a guitar lesson for another Bad Company song (Feel Like Making Love). I watched it and was surprised how much I learned in a few minutes. Definitely easier than reading tabs and trying to work it out.

I’ve wondered about some of the online lessons and if they were worth the $5-10 a month. I bet they are, though I’m not sure I’d take the time right now to dig in. Something to consider as I move forward in life. Maybe I can learn a few more things.

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