Friday, November 27, 2009


The day after Thanksgiving. Up slow, eating our continental breakfast in a hotel in Dillon, and then we headed to Breckenridge. We managed to get Kendall on skis, and Tia dropped us off to begin a day of skiing.

A crowded day.

We had equipment, lift tickets, nothing to slow us down and we walked up to the green chairlift and then waited for 15-20 minutes to get a ride up. It was a 2 person, so I went with Kendall and we went up. Then with the boys, we headed down, but Kendall was nervous. She was going slow, side to side in long paths. I stayed with her, helped her up on a couple of falls, but we took a long time. The boys were waiting and upset at the lines and wait. I told them Keystone wouldn’t be better, so they went off to try blues while I took Kendall over to the beginning slope.

We went down 3 or 4 times before she got hungry. It was less crowded, and we got up and down quickly, but it was barely a slope and not much fun for me. Still it’s an investment in Kendall and I’m hoping she improves. We ate, met the boys, and then headed back. Two runs later she was complaining of her stomach hurting, though I suspect she just wanted to stop.

So we went into the restaurant, she listened to music and played on the iPod while I watched some TV, and broke down and got a beer. I needed to run, it was early, but I was frustrated with the skiing and thought I should relax. I had sent Tia a note, but she was in a movie, and I figured my ski day was over.

The boys met us shortly after that, saying Delaney’s bindings were broken. I think they were just frustrated trying to get them closed. He was at the limit of the bindings and it was a pain for me as well. He bought size 8 boots, saying 7s were too small, despite the fact he wears 6 shoes. In any case, we gave up, I had a beer, and things didn’t seem so bad.

Kyle had also been complaining about his snow pants. Delaney’s didn’t really fit, so he wore Kyle’s and Kyle wore Tia’s. Apparently, however, plain black pants aren’t “cool” enough for a teenager. So when Tia picked us up we went to Frisco and shopped for stuff. Used bindings for Delaney and pants for Kyle. Everyone was pleased.

I had hoped we’d go check-in and get pizza or something, but Kyle and Tia wanted Chinese food, so we ate in town before heading to Copped to check in. Once again, I had a full stomach, but I thought that I should try the run again, so once again I headed out on a cold, winter night in the mountains for a short jog.

It’s been a good vacation so far, despite things not being perfect, not a lot of snowboarding, and not my choice of food. I’m relaxed, mostly out of touch with work, and relaxing with the family, a beer and movie

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