Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trailer Issues

Tia was planning on taking the trailer to a horse race this weekend while I have Uma duty. No big deal, as I'll go play some baseball over the weekend while Tia and the kids are gone.

We were thinking we needed to get some things checked out, so I went outside this afternoon and started to turn things on. I'd checked lights and radio before, but not anything else. I hooked up a hose and got water working, which was an unpleasant surprise. I need to make some notes, so here they are.

  1. Turn off valves in the spring - too many things were on, including all faucets.
  2. Make sure the outside drains are closed.
  3.  Be sure the anti-freeze hose valve inside is closed.
  4.  Be sure the valve from the pump is open before you switch on the pump.
I got the generator to fire up, and I think we need to be sure we're running it  regularly. However I couldn't get AC working. Eventually I had to call the guy and he had my go on the roof, where I did find a bird's nest in the compressor area, but the fan still wouldn't run. I have the feeling we have a warranty replacement coming.

The fridge is running, and I'll check later. Other stuff seems to work, but we probably need an RV store trip for a few things and need to load up the camper with pots, pans, sheets, towels, cups, mugs, etc.

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