Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The King

I've been a Lebron James fan for a long time. It was exciting to see this kid get so much hype, come out of high school and take off in the NBA. I didn't remember Kobe doing that (who I also root for), but I did for LeBron. I was hoping he'd clash against the Lakers for years and have great games.

He only made it to one finals in Cleveland, and he was run out of the gym then. Arguably he had a poor team that he willed to the finals, but they were no match for the Spurs. When he went to Miami, I was excited, and was sure that all the hate, all the prognostications of failure early in the season would go wrong.

They did, and though he lost in the Finals, I thought it was amazing he could go to a team, with another new star player, and get to the Finals that year. It somewhat reminded me of the Lakers/Detroit series when the Lakers should have won, but didn't play as a team.

I'm glad he won two more, though I was disappointed in their play last year, which was poor. It reminded me of the bad series he had against Boston in the East finals with Cleveland when he left early. A bad move, and one I was sorry to see.

What happened last night was amazing. I was sure the Cavaliers would get blown out this game and the Warriors would win the series. I didn't want that, but with no Irving, with James exhausted, I thought that was the outcome. Busy with family, I turned on the game at the start of the fourth and had to watch. Up 15 or 16, I watched the Warriors come back and the Cavaliers falter. They truly lack offense, and that's an issue.

However both teams seemed to be playing one person ball. The Cavs focused on Curry only, who was stunning. That young man can shoot. The Warriors keying on James, sending 3+ people at him, and intercepting passes. Yet he still won. With help from Dellavadova, but still, it was mostly James.

I think the Cavs have a good chance to win. Maybe in 5, maybe in 6, maybe in 7. Hard to tell, but they're playing hard. They have overcome the loss of Irving. They got past Chicago, which I didn't think they would, after the loss of Love.

The King is the King, and showing it. It's exciting to see history happening in front of me.

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