Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015 Book #38 - Take Down

Recommended by a friend, though I love James Swain. Take Down is a standalone book, set in Vegas. We have a con man, a swindler that makes a good living with a small crew of people. However, something's gone wrong with a setup and he's arrested. Much of the book is a flashback, with some interruptions as he tells his story to the police, who are sure he's leaving things out.

He is.

It's an exciting ride. We see his crew pull a job, and then get blackmailed into accepting a position with a large hotel that is sure they're going to be robbed. They caught an advance man, and killed him, but don't know who or how the crime will take place.

Billy Cunningham, our narrator, is trying to get out of the blackmail scheme, protect his crew, and steal some money. He's shadowed by two former NFL players who take delight in beating him a bit, but he manages to turn them on their employers and fool them in the end.

This is my kind of book. Gambling, cons, misdirection, and writing that leads us in one direction before switching things around. This would be a great movie.

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