Sunday, June 14, 2015

Back to Baseball

A mid day baseball game today. After cutting grass this morning, I headed out for a game at North. I missed last week and was ready to go. At least I thought. A rough first inning for the team, making some mistakes and giving up 4 runs. I missed a bad throw at first that I should have pulled more to get, but it happens.

I made up later, getting a couple grounders at first and making a great stretch to turn a double play on a bad throw. At bat I got caught the first time and struck out. The pitcher, throwing hard, gave me 4 outside pitches, which I missed two and then threw one inside and got me leaning too far. Couldn't swing and had to let it go. The second time he almost did it again, going in, out, and in, but I caught the ball and drove it into shallow right for a hit. The third time a new pitcher threw much slower, and junk and I hit a hard one to first that he bobbled, but it was right there and he got me.

All in all a good game for me. Too many mistakes by the team, and too few hits, and we lost, but still fun.

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