Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bicycling in Ireland

We woke up late. Travel is hard, and we were tired. I got up earlier, but I'd crashed early from allergies. In any case, we checked out of the hotel, and left our bags, setting out on foot to explore a little Dublin.

Our first stop was a little cafe/bakery that Tia had wanted to eat dinner in on Saturday. However, they were full and we moved on. We went back and had a little lunch and packed up a brownie and cake. We didn't make it far, however, as I needed some coffee. Benedryl tires me, so we got coffee and had sweets across from Trinity College.

I'd taken the tour bus my last time, but I'm not sure it was great. Plus Tia and I don't mind walking, so we set out for the 3mi walk to Kilmainhem Goal. I'd enjoyed my tour and Tia wanted to see it. We had a good walk, but kept passing a rack of bikes you can rent. We decided to skip it for the walk out, but maybe on the way back.

We decided too, messing with the system a bit and getting some help from a French guy, and eventually had two bikes that we pedaled down the main street in Dublin.

We stopped at a market and got some things, and I was glad we were on bikes since we would have been late walking back to the hotel for our flight.

A simple, quiet day in Dublin and a nice time. Definitely need to go back, but in the fall or winter. The pollen really bothered me this trip.

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