Tuesday, June 23, 2015


About 24 hours of travel, but we made it. We got up around 6am GMT yesterday (Tia a bit earlier) and got to the airport for a 7:50am flight. It was delayed, slightly, but we got going on our 8.5 hour journey to Chicago.

We arrived early, easily and relatively quickly, cleared customs though they pulled me from the short line to be reviewed by an agent. Not sure why since I'm Global Entry. Maybe because I didn't use Global Entry? Who knows.

We got some lunch and walked to our gate. I didn't see anything on the monitor or a plane, so I checked and I'm glad. Tia had walked away and I found out our flight had been cancelled. Weather, apparently, which looked like this:

With 100mph winds, lots of flights were delayed or cancelled. My quick call got us on a 7:17pm flight, which was the best they could do. Apparently all the airlines had issues and moved passengers, so we were lucky to even get out. Our flight was full, with dozens more on the waiting list, presumably hoping to get on the 9:00pm flight.

With seven hour to kill, we wandered a bit, sat and did some bills and work, including booking holiday time in Steamboat. We looked at cruises, but didn't decide, though we changed our minds a bit with more info. We also watched some of the UK and US episodes of the Office, trying to compare them. I think the US is better, but probably a cultural thing, and a more experienced director. We had a nice view on a dreary day, sitting near the indoor garden in O'Hare.

Finally we boarded, and made it home around 9:30, a busy airport slowed us getting to the car and we greeted the dogs closer to 11pm. About 6am GMT time.

A long day, but glad to be home.

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