Friday, June 19, 2015

The Day Out

We had a day out on Friday, and it was great. I was hoping Tia would be there, but it was really for the company only. She could have come, but declined.

I had fun, with lots of games. We had some brain games first, safe cracking and defusing a bomb by cracking a code.

We also had to get this black box out of the square, without stepping in, using only the stuff on the outside. Running out of time, the guy helped us, though not sure we'd have gotten it on our own.

We had to jump a spinner, like Wipeout, which was fun. I held to the last two on my group, but it skimmed my foot at the end for a loss.

We also had a tug of war. One of my team members got me in sequence. It turned out pretty good, and we actually snapped the bungie. This was my second try and I won.

The first try, however, was the one that I was proud of. I went against a kid we'd just hired from the US. He was a football player, an OL, from the University of Washington. This was his drill. Take off and go 20 feet on command. I lost 2/3, but took one from him, which was something. He's 23, I'm 47. Not bad.

Lots of other stuff, and a fun day overall.

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