Sunday, June 7, 2015


A long week on the road, leaving early Tuesday for Seattle, then leaving Seattle even earlier for Philadelphia. I finally landed around 9:00pm last night and came home to hang out with Tia and Delaney for a bit.

As good as I've gotten traveling, smoothly changing hotels and moving through airports, it's rough. I was so glad to get home and lay in my own bed, next to Tia, chatting with the two of them after being on my own for so long.

It was extra good to sleep in a bit today. All week, I've been up at 6 or earlier. 5:45 Tues, 6:00 Wed, 4:00 Thur, 6:00 Fri, and 6:20 for a minor sleep in day on Saturday. That's rough, especially when I'm dragging myself out of bed to hit the gym because I know I have a busy day.

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