Monday, June 29, 2015


An interesting baseball game last night. We lost, and I set the tone with my drop of the first throw to first on the first batter. Not sure what happened, with a new third baseman that just drifted the ball to the right and it hit the top of my glove and fell out. No harm there, but we eventually gave up too many runs on some good hits by them and some bad defense by us, including a pick off throw, low, that went through my legs.


On the positive side, I hit the ball decently. Made contact all four at bats, a double over the right fielder's head to start, a pop up into shallow left that was caught. A hard grounder to second, and a hard hit one to right center that the center fielder made a great play on. All in all, 1-4, but I felt better swinging and seeing the ball.

I did end up playing an inning in right and two at second where nothing happened. A disappointing performance, but still fun to be out there.

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