Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 Book #36 - Dance of Death

Once again we're back in New York. D'Agnosta is struggling, believing Pendergast dead in Italy. He struggles to work, but he's called from beyond the grave with a letter and request from Pendergast that Constance and Proctor present to him. He must stop Diogenes from committing his crime, whatever it is.

In Dance of Death, it's like some of the earlier works. We have Nora at the museum, where a diamond heist takes place. We have Smithback investigating what's going on. Hayward gets called in when there are some strange happenings at the museum, but she's a stickler and isn't pleased with Vincent. Vincent, of course, struggles to investigate the strange happenings in the city.

All the while we get our first look at Diogenes, seeing the crimes he's planned, including kidnapping Viola. We have not clue who he is until near the end of the book (he's a character disguised), but we find out.

A thrilling end that leads into the third book of the series.

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