Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015 Book #37 - The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead is the third in the Diogenes trilogy and the seventh in the Pendergast series. It starts just after The Dance of the Dead ends, and while it's a re-read, I didn't remember some of this book and am glad I went through it.

This book begins with the destruction of the museum's diamond collection. We still have Mendez disguised, with no one sure he is Diogenes. While everyone is frantic, there's a check from an anonymous donor to reopen an ancient Egyptian tomb in the museum's basement. While Nora tries to get that ready, while fending off the advances of a British Egyptologist, there are some mysterious killings, with a few people apparently going mad.

We can see from the outside Diogenes is a part of it, but Pendergast and D'Agnosta are searching to try and figure out the strange murders in the city and don't connect things until the grand opening of the museum.

It's an exciting read, with the chase of Diogenes coming at the end in a way that's very thrilling.

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