Friday, October 18, 2013

Swim Day

A late night last night, helping Delaney write a paper. Late for Tia and I and we tried to help and be supportive and not too cranky, but it’s tough when he lets things get behind.

Tia let me sleep in, which was nice. Up at 8 and starting to work. A productive morning, including 20 minutes lifting weights with my wife. That was nice. I miss working out with her. However that wasn’t enough and after I got a few things done, I headed to the pool.

Spring break week. I walked in to a busy pool, lots of kids, and people in all lanes. I split one lane with what looked like a high school kid using a kickboard. I blew past him a few laps, working harder with all the activity, and then he started swimming.

Not sure how fast he was, but he was faster than me. On a 150, he was easily 40yd ahead of my in pace. However having someone else there made me work a bit harder. With the water too warm (85F or so), I couldn’t relax, so I pushed through some fast 200sets, keeping them around 3:30 until I got tired, then they were 3:40. I managed to knock out 1400yds in 25 minutes, which felt good.

A sub and then back home. A good exercise day.

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