Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Book #62–The Shadow Hunter

51GKH2sXxcL._SX105_Another crime book. In The Shadow Hunter, we have a bodyguard that is supposed to get close to the stalkers and prevent them from killing a client. She fails at the beginning of this book when she steps away from the crazy one to check in.

Most of the book is a little later in time. The company is struggling after the client was killed, but they still have a high profile client, a local, LA newscaster. They bring back Abby Sinclair to get close to a stalker and gather evidence that can get him arrested and out of the picture.

It’s an interesting idea. Pro-active protection by deceiving the stalker and profiling him, watching for action or illegal activities. In this one we see how she gets close, and how dangerous it can be, especially when we find the stalker has inside help. I narrowed it down to one of two people that were helping him, but it was still a nice surprise when the identity was revealed.

A good flow and enjoyable writing.

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