Monday, October 7, 2013

A Century

Once again, the Bronco’s put up half a hundred. Fifty one this week, after fifty two last week. I was torn on this game, being a life-long Cowboys fan, but I knew it would be exciting if the Cowboys could make it a game.

They did.

After working outside, I came in for a break and turned on the game. Watching the first quarter be dominated by the Cowboys, with Broncos’ defensive mistakes and a 14-0 score, I thought this might be the first loss. However as I watched the second quarter and the Broncos marched down the field twice and then took advantage of a turnover, I had memories of Manning against Miami years ago when he had the ball for about 14 minutes of the game and won. It looked like Denver would roll, so I stopped at halftime and went back to work.

Then I came back in later to watch the rest. I saw the Broncos start the second half and go up by 15, but then more defensive issues. When the Cowboys got to 27, I thought this might be a game.

It was. Back and forth. The Bronco’s unstoppable, but the Cowboys blowing through the Bronco’s defense. I was thinking Champ might not be needed, but he is. A big, strong received like Jones for BAL, Bryant in DAL, Boldin for SF and we will have issues.

Until the last interception by DEN, I thought they might lose. A great game, but perhaps a loss. No matter, they played the end well and I was thrilled to see them run well, especially Moreno, though I do think we want to watch his durability across the season.

Amazing game.

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