Sunday, October 20, 2013

Book #61–Daddy’s Home

51EhaP3DdsL._SX105_I’ve been in a crime mood lately, with quite a few serial killer mysteries. Daddy’s Home is one I enjoyed, with a killer kidnapping divorced Moms and kids, under the deranged impression that he can become the perfect Dad for a new family. He’s kidnapped a killed a few Moms and daughters and crime scene investigator Holly is on the case.

The writing is OK, and the plot is fairly standard. Cop chases killer who manages to stay ahead until at some point the killer kidnaps the cop. She’s a perfect fit, with a young daughter, that matches the profile.

However I enjoyed the book. The characters are fairly believable and the story flows nicely. You get a good sense of the insanity of the killer, and that made this a fun read.

If you like this sort of story.

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