Thursday, October 10, 2013

LA to Atlanta

That was my night. I got on a plane at 11:40 last night and flew to Houston, had an hour plus there, and then on to Atlanta. I landed about 10, later than I thought, but better than flying all day today. I did manage to nap a bit in LAX before we took off, got a first class upgrade and slept 2+ hours there, napped in the IAH airport, sleeping through boarding groups 1 and 2, :(, and then slept a bit on the little plane before landing in ATL.

I actually felt pretty good when I landed and headed out in the car to buy new swim goggles, and then swim. It was quite a switch from yesterday. About 24 hours earlier I'd gotten up and swum at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, outside, in the dark. This was my first view of the pool before starting.

Salt water, 25m, a place that was motivating and exciting. Today was a YMCA in Decatur, a small, 4 lane pool that was too warm (84F) for swimming. Still, I managed to knock out 1800yds before having lunch.

It still feels somewhat surreal. CA is so different from GA, in look, feel, and it's a strange adjustment. So much greenery here and old, close, construction.

Still, a good trip and now it's work. Writing, setup, and then speaking tomorrow.

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