Sunday, October 13, 2013

Half a Day

No real days off on this trip. I'm either presenting, or prepping to present. Today I got to sleep in, which I needed. At 10, getting back to the hotel last night after leaving at 8am, I was beat. I tried to sleep in, but at 8, I was awake. I got up, worked out, ate, then packed up and headed to the airport.

I almost went to the store first. My bag had broken a zipper coming into Charleston and was a mess.

It couldn't fly again. However, without a car, I didn't relish trying to cab to a store, and then hoping it would have good luggage and getting a cab back to the airport. Instead, I borrowed some tape from the hotel.

Not the best looking job, but it worked. My bag made it to Charlotte. It was a better choice as I had a car and could drive out to the mall and get a new bag.

Friday was a good event in Atlanta, 3 more talks done, but then I needed to leave at 5:30, and race to the airport. I made it in time, and had a nice flight to Charlotte. Apparently neither USAir nor United goes to Charleston from Atlanta at night. However there were issues with our next plane (my colleague and mine) and we were delayed until 11:00. We were tempted to grab a car and drive the 3 hours, but decided the flight would be better. We were tired, and it might be hard.

We tried for a flight to Columbia, which would give us 90 minutes to drive, but the flight was full. We then waited, and waited. The flight was delayed and late, arriving around 12:30 and then a quick flight down. However we didn't land until 1:30, bags were slow to come out, rental car companies closed.

I got a cab, but didn't get to the hotel until 2:30, wired, and up until 3:00am.

A hard trip, and a hard wake up in the morning. I was dragging somewhat at the event on Saturday, but go to see some friends and met some new people. A good day.

However I was beat still today, and not up for company or friends tonight. In the room with room service, working a bit.

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