Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book #63–Steel World

51F8qgPpcPL._SX105_A science fiction story, Steel World is one of those that makes more sense as a potential future world. Economics matter, and if you can’t pay, you must make do. In this universe, a series of races in the middle of the universe have decreed that all races must develop a “product” and trade that with others. If they can’t add to the galaxy’s commerce, they are eliminated.

Earth decides to field mercenary armies that other planets can hire. When James McGill runs out of money for college, he signs up with one of the legions. It’s not one with a good reputation and when they are sent to Steel World, he finds himself in a situation that could doom the entire race.

It’s a wild story, one that I enjoyed. BV Larson does a great job and I hope he writes a sequel.

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