Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book #64–They Never Go Quietly

41YFCt7gJjL._SX105_The serial killer in They Never Go Quietly is seriously insane. The book alternates between his mind and the detective(s) pursuing him. In this one, he is kidnapping women and their kids, using the kids as leverage to keep the Moms from fighting back while they are crucified.

Yep, crucified.

This killer insanely believes that the women are sinners and he is releasing them to be saved by killing them. Once they’re dead, he takes the kids to a mall somewhere in the San Diego area and releases them. They’ve been drugged most of the time and aren’t aware their mothers were killed.

Sami and Al are pursuing the killer, working hard to find him. When Sami has a chance encounter with Simon, the killer, she wonders about him, but doesn’t have any evidence other than a strange feeling. As more women are killed, pressure mounts and eventually you can predict what happens: Sami and her daughter are eventually kidnapped.

The book drags at times. The thoughts of the characters, while probably closer to the random, unstructured thoughts most of us have, aren’t interesting. Except the killer. Apparently his mother, who sexually engaged with him, is in his mind.

It’s a wild ride. It kept me entertained, but it wasn’t great. It was, however, worth the $4.

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