Friday, October 18, 2013

Book #60–The Trinity Game

510jSlqd6vL._SX105_The Trinity Game is full of religious overtones. We find Daniel Byrne, investigator for the Vatican, who is supposed to prove or debunk miracles. Daniel has just disproved a miracle, to the dismay of some in the church. He’s reassigned, but as a last ditch effort, his former superior gets him assigned to debunk the speaking in tongues from his uncle, an evangelist in the US.

Daniel knows his uncle is a grifter, but when he finds that his uncle seems to be performing the impossible, speaking English backwards and predicting the future, he’s unsure of how to proceed.

It’s an interesting book. There is some religion, but not a ton. Daniel questions his faith at times and the writing shows his struggles. The story is interesting as well, and as it proceeds, the suspense grows. It becomes a fun thriller that I enjoyed.

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