Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good and Bad

I flew home from Las Vegas this morning, arriving at lunch. It was an easy trip, though I couldn't work on the way back because of turbulence. I landed, grabbed lunch, and came home. I sat and chatted with Tia a bit, and then noticed Delaney had a x-country meet. I haven't seen him run, and this one was supposed to be near Kyle's old high school. Despite a bunch of work to do, I decided to go watch him for a bit.

I started over there, and he called. I'd texted him and said I was coming. He wondered where I was, and I said I was on the way, but when I went to confirm where he was, he wasn't sure. I figured he didn't realize where the meet was, and had him ask the coach. The coach said Bear Creek, which as far as I know, is over an hour from the house.

I made it to the park by the high school and they weren't there. I tried verifying things on the school's web site, but the schedule wasn't updated. It ended up being a bust and I went home. It's frustrating and annoying, and I don't think I'll get the chance to see him run this year as I have a bunch of travel coming up.

I did manage to get home, grab dogs, and walk up to meet Kendall, walking home with her from the bus stop. Slight salvage to the day there.

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