Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Leaving Las Vegas

Sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight back to Denver. It's been a great trip for a lot of reasons, but the big one was having Tia come with me. I had to speak the last two days at the SQL Intersection conference, 3 sessions, all of which went fairly well. Not great, but not bad. This is a tough conference with the organizers drawing most of the crowds with their highly popular talks, but I did pretty well with my dev ones, and my professional development, branding session actually drew about 30.

The rest of the time was really a vacation for me. Not much work, and lots of time with Tia to enjoy Las Vegas. The only downside was that we traveled separately as she got a low priced ticket with miles and couldn't fly direct. The big upside was that we left the kids alone. Kyle was watching the little ones, getting them to school Mon-Wed, and all of them feeding horses, but other than that, no adults in charge. A big step for us, and while I'm slightly nervous about the state of things when we get home, I'm sure everything is fine.

Sunday was a quick day. We arrived, checked in, a little exercise for me, and then we went to a fabulous dinner at e by Jose Andreas. I've been before, but took Tia this time with some of my friends and it was an experience.

I enjoyed it so much, I even licked the plate.

I got a chance to drink out of the special glass as well.

It was a fun night. Monday was good as well, having drinks with friends that have wanted to meet Tia and then the Comedy Club in the MGM. Tuesday was a walk, a talk, and then Chris Angel's Believe, which was a neat magic/illusion show. Fun and exciting.

The best part of the trip for both of us was probably sleeping in, without any real responsibilities or cares. We've struggled with that for the last year for sure. Both of us busy and often on the go.

Three days in Vegas. A good time, a recharging time, even with some work, and one of the best trips I've had here.

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