Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book #59–A Colonel’s Mistake

51oci3plHVL._SX105_I haven’t read any other Mark Sava thrillers, but I think this came up as a recommendation and a sale book, so I grabbed A Colonel’s Mistake. It’s a modern thriller, taking place in Azerbaijan. Mark is the former station chief of the CIA, now retired. He’s rousted to visit an agent who was arrested and called for him. Her cover is intact, but she’s having trouble reaching anyone.

Sava digs in, trying to do a favor for his former agent. He finds a slaughter of the local CIA group and reluctantly takes a short term contract with the CIA to dig in.

I struggled with the book and the writing at first. It seemed to drag a bit, and lose me a little in what was happening, but I persevered (mostly because I was on a plane) and by the end I enjoyed it. It’s more spy craft than action, but was enjoyable overall. Not great, but good.

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