Sunday, February 3, 2013


I dragged the kids to the Woodworking show North of Denver yesterday. We were only there a little over an hour, but we watched some neat demos and saw some cool things. I think the kids were a little inspired.

Kendall actually saw some people turning pens and wanted to try one. She found some neat blanks, and I grabbed a few kits. She wanted to start last night, but it was getting late and we were tired. Today I had some things to do, but this afternoon I took her out to the garage to show her how to turn a piece of wood. I had a few spare pen blanks already glued up and we first learned how to square the ends, and then mount them on the lathe.

Then it was turning time. I showed her how to get started, and she made a square piece of wood round. She ended up only turning one, and gave it her own design. Kind of cool.

I said I'd turn the other one round and then let her make a design and we'd assemble the pen. I also need to cut her blanks down and drill them out to get them ready.

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