Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hot Yoga

I planned on trying a C2 level class yesterday. It was a little intimidating in that I wasn’t sure if I’d be completely lost on poses and moving too slow. However I could take a little embarrassment if I looked bad.

Then Uma left.

Delaney took her up to the gate to cut off the wreaths, and she ran away. Not really his fault, but it meant I was driving around looking for her. The clock kept ticking by as I went up and down roads. Finally someone called and I grabbed her. Getting home at 25 minutes before class, I grabbed clothes and towels and left, racing down there. It felt very pressured since the doors to the studio get locked when class starts, so there’s no lateness.

Pushing and sometimes breaking the speed limits got me there with 3 minutes to spare and I changed and set up. The class started slow, moving us through warming up, and I started to relax. I’m somewhat amazed that I can relax and get lost in the movement, slow movement, holding poses. This class was hard, and there were a few things I couldn’t do, but I was close. And for the most part, with slow breathing, I kept up well.

As with the other 4 classes I’ve done, I was almost amazed when the instructor started passing out cold clothes. I was sweaty, I was tired, I was also relaxed, which was amazing. I really like Yoga, which surprises me. I miss karate, I miss quick fast movements and I love volleyball, but this was really good.

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