Friday, February 8, 2013

Skiing in New Mexico

Today was a nice day at Taos Ski Valley, my first time skiing in New Mexico. I came down early before a SQL Saturday in Albuquerque with a few friends to ski. We drove down last night, arriving after 8 in Taos and crashing early in a hotel. Up this morning, we drove to the ski resort just outside of the town for a day on the slopes.

Five of us, with various abilities, but close enough to have a good time went up and down, across all sides of the Taos ski resort. We did avoid the double diamond chutes up high, mostly because they were above the lifts and required hikes, but otherwise hit a variety of blue and black slopes, including a few challenging mogul fields.

It was fun, and a good day with sun, little wind, and good, cool temps. We posed for a final picture before heading down to Albuquerque.

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