Friday, February 15, 2013

Book 35 - The Last Man

I had started this as an audio book over the holidays, but that became a hard way to listen, so I moved to reading.

The Last Man is a continuation of Mitch Rapp, this time in the present. After a few books looking into the past. Mitch is once again back in the terrorist world, this time in Pakistan. He's on a mission, but with one of the CIA's agents missing, he is immediately sent to solve this problem.

This book seems more of the wider look at the world, and less at Rapp. At one point he's a little injured, and the author almost seems to use that as an excuse not to focus on Rapp, but rather dig into what others are thinking.

It's a book that tries for a twist, but I don't think that Flynn quite pulls it off. It almost seems to be too shallow, too much information given. Perhaps because I heard parts twice (audio and reading), it didn't sound great. I enjoyed it, but it isn't one of the best.

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