Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bok #6–Zero Day

51Jb4yLYPRL._AA160_Zero Day is a Balducci book that introduces a new character, John Puller. He’s an army investigator with a few unique qualities. First his father is a famous general, now in a nursing home with Alzheimers, but a figure that Puller struggles to live up to somehow. The other is he is a ruthless, all business, no-nonsense investigator. He’s pulled in to investigate a murder in West Virginia, but sent without a partner or support. He knows something is wrong, but he’s a professional.

He works with the local detective, a female that struggles in a small town. He quickly realizes something is wrong, but as he pokes and prods, he slowly realizes something is very wrong. something big is happening, and I won’t disclose it, but apart from the various strange charactesr, all of whom seem to be hiding something, he knows there is more than a simple murder here.

As he goes through, there’s quite a climax near the end.

A good one, and I’m hoping there are more like this one from Balducci.

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