Monday, February 11, 2013

Three Hours of Volleyball

That's what Kendall and I had last night. Tia and Delaney declined to go, and after I helped feed horses, Kendall and I packed up and headed down a little after 5:30. The rec center was a little busy, and I was worried about things, but we walked right in, expecting we'd practice some volleyball.

The first court had a 5 on 5 game going, with lots of kids, and since we wanted to be on the same team, we walked to the second court. There were 3 on 3 there, with a couple families playing and their high school girls spread out. They invited us, but we wanted to warm up first, so we spent about 10 minutes in the corner hitting the ball to each other. Kendall was excited and feeling good and was ready for some scrimmaging.

We ended up splitting up to have a 4 on 4 game. I got the older parents, and Kendall was with two younger girls (middle and high school) and a man. The game went well, with us getting lots of time to hit balls, chase them, serve, and set. Kendall had some great serves, with most of them going over. She set the ball well, including some really good bump sets. One girl kept calling for a spike, and Kendall got a little left out, but the Dad helped even things out and Kendall had a few really good spikes over the net. She was very active, diving for balls and making some good saves.

Around 7:45 or so, everyone left and the two of us practiced for about 10 minutes and then she wanted to play more. We walked back to the other court, and there were 2 adults and their kids playing. We knew them, with the adults being in our league. We joined in, and had a decent game. Kendall was with the kids, who were slow and don't move much, but she was very active.

Eventually two left, but Kendall wanted to stay and play 2 on 2 more. We did, though we slowed down and around 8:50 I told her we needed to leave. A great night, both of us tired, and her digging into food as we headed home. 

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