Monday, February 18, 2013

Book #7–The Forgotten

A Balducci I grabbed at the library. I had no idea what it was about, but The Forgotten continues on from Zero Hour. Puller takes vacation, down to see to his aunt’s affairs in Florida after she passes away. It’s right after the other book, with references to that time and it includes the General who helped him in that story. Being an investigator he wants to be sure it’s a real drowning and soon becomes convinced it’s not.

I like this mini-series of books. Puller reminds me of the Jack Reacher series, where things aren’t as they appear, but we get to see inside his head as he works through inconsistencies and figures things out. As with those stories, there are a few things going on all at once. In this case we have human trafficking happening in the US.

The ending and climax aren’t great, with a few things that just seem too fantastic, but overall I really was drawn into the mystery and action.

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