Friday, February 15, 2013


Last night was volleyball night. We were supposed to have a late game, but the other team forfeited and we didn’t bother to go. At least after 4 of our 7 people cancelled. Our plan was to take Kendall and practice, but we bailed.

Instead we headed to the church, a little unsure of how Kendall would do, but we wanted to try. She warmed up with us, a little nervous and shy, but she plays so well. We picked teams and started to play, with her in the back row with me to start the game. It was good to see one other parent bringing his daughter, so we weren’t out of the norm.

The first serve came to me, which was good. Kendall got to see me bump to the setter and us work for a point. The next two came to her, and she bumped them up nicely to the middle. Proud of that girl’s skills.

We moved around, and she told me about halfway through the game that her ankle hurt, so I told her to take it easy and not jump. She promptly jumped on the next two balls, which were set to her and spiked them. She had a few more sets and bumps and then the game ended. She elected to sit out, saying her ankle hurt, and the rest of us kept playing.

It was a good night. I had some good bumps, a few spikes for points, a couple blocks, and even a couple saves. Games were split, as they mostly were, and we had some good laughs along the way. Kendall seemed to enjoy herself, and even though she was shy and nervous, she fit in. We played until 11:45 and I was ready to go, but Tia wanted to stay. Tia had a good night, with good serves, some spikes, and she’s moving well on the court, getting to the ball for sets. I played one more, which was a mistake.

I went up for a block at one point, one handed, and the best player slammed the ball through my thumb. It hyperextended and bent back and immediately I knew this was a bad sprain. After a couple minutes I could bend it, so I knew it wasn’t broken. I stayed in, of course, and even served (underhand), but was glad we lost quickly.

It’s a little swollen today, but better. I can’t really type of grip with it, so it’s been an interesting computer day. I even tried the magnet thing on it, and we’ll see, but I may be out of action for a week.

A great night, though we kept Kendall up too late. She went back to bed for a nap this afternoon.

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